Nail Art Gallery

Nail art and creative decorations - a touch of extravagance embellishes everyday life.

What actually is a creative nail decoration?
The modelled nail will be embellished by different techniques like color gel inlays, coated with rhinestones, embedded tattoos, drafted decorative element (e.g.: glitter, ornaments, figures) and artistic (airbrush) laquering. The affixing of nail piercings can also happen direct to the natural nail.
Nothing focused the lens on your well-groomed hands and feet better than these beautiful nail creations. Be inspired for your next manicure and pedicure. Try out new trends and look forward to great results with us. We design small works of art for you - nails are possible in many shapes and colors, let your imagination run free.

In our Gallery you can see examples of several different designs, which we made for our valued customers. All Pictures are taken from our original work. Please click on pictures to zoom.