Well-groomed nails - a figurehead of your personality.

Periodic professional nail care is nowadays an important part of beauty and health care.
Well-groomed fingernails for special events or every day life.
In our service ist included: bathing of hands in warm water, cutting of nails and cuticle as well as filing the fingernails.
Additionally we offer a hand massage, which is also available as a separate service.

manicured hands


Beautiful feet - run superior, look better!

The periodic professional care of your feet also belongs to beauty care.
Well-groomed toenails - especially during summertime very important.
In our service ist included: a relaxing neutral footbath, cleaning, cutting and filing of nails, pushing back and cutting the cuticle, removal of the hard skin as far as necessary, drying the feet thoroughly and creaming the feet.
Additionally we offer a 20 min. foot massage by hand, which is also available as a separate service.

pedicured feet

During our pedicure you will sit in a high tech massage chair. On your demand, you can savour the pleasures of a free of charge relaxing massage (15min.).

Nail modelling

We all know the problem - broken or cracked fingernails; this is not welcome to anyone.

We have a solution to this: nail reinforcement or nail modelling, robust and well-formed.
Ask us for information and advice. We would be pleased to help you.

nail modelling black matt technique

In modelling nails, we are working with 3 different techniques:

Acrylic system

The acrylic system works with a two component acryl, a fluid on the one hand and a very fine acrylic powder on the other hand. The mixing of these two components leads without further ado to a curing process of the artificial nails. The resulting material is of an extraordinary hardness, so it is possible to produce a very thin and precise nail modelling.

Powder gel system

This acrylic system even consists of two parts, a gel and a acrylic powder. Nails cure as well through the mixing process. The material provides a stronger fill and therefore it is better suited for stronger nails.

Liquid UV gel system

The acrylic gel, which is used in this case, is curing under the light of an ultraviolet lamp. Therefore you have to place the ready modelled nails 1 to 2 minutes under our UV lamp and you are ready - nails are instantly hard. Because of the liquid gel, it is extremely easy to embed colored gels and other materials like rhinestones etc.

Please obey: Nails should be filled up, when they are around 1/3 growed out. This will happen normally at the latest by 4-5 weeks. By growing out the modelled nail has no longer enough contact to the nail bed, this means that nails could eventually break.